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BU Infuse Teatox Australia

BU Infuse Teatox Australia

BU Infuse Australia is a 100% Australian owned company, We pride ourselves on our quality products and the promotion of healthy living.

BU Infuse Australia is one of the best detox and weight loss tea’s on the market. At BU Infuse Australia we encourage our customers to seek an active, happy & healthy balanced lifestyle.


Australia, Here’s to you – Enjoy Our Refreshing Skinny Detox Tea

We all desire to be as fit as possible. Sometimes exercise is not enough and we need to feel clean on the inside as well as looking good on the outside. BU Infuse Australia can help you do that with our wide range of fantastic detox skinny herb teas; not only are they healthy, but they taste great!

A skinny detox tea that can be consumed when it suits you best

Life can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle when you have to go to work, do housework and other time consuming day to day activities. In some cases, the worst part is when you out go out with friends where you might consume alcohol and junk food; a detox skinny herb tea will be nowhere in sight!

BU Infuse’s range of slim tea products is recommended to lead a healthier lifestyle and to teatox your digestive system by flushing out all the unhealthy foods you have consumed over the years. Combining this with a healthy activities – like getting the best amount of sleep, eating right, and regularly exercising – all of these factors will put you on the right path.

Our skinny tea products are sold all across Australia and are popular thanks to their refreshing taste. They are naturally sweet herbal teas with completely organic ingredients that have not had anything manmade added in, designed to give your body the best nourishment.

Why we are passionate about our herbal products

We all love a nice refreshing drink, but we believe there are better, more modern alternatives to traditional tea. By blending fresh ingredients together, our weight loss detox tea not only tastes wonderful, but feels good to drink. Your friends will agree with you when you offer it to them when they come to visit your home.

If you want to feel as healthy on the inside as you are on the outside, then our herbal skinny teatox options are for you. Feel free to browse through our online store, and if you have any enquiries, you can contact our team in Australia at [email protected]


“I love this stuff! The spices are amazing. You could drink on one bag for a while (keep adding hot water). It has really helped my belly fat (struggle area). Now I have my coworkers drinking it.”

− Mel, Perth, WA 6000

“I would recommend this to anyone who is having a lifestyle change or is wanting to rejuvenate themselves … my opinion a winner in combination to a healthy diet.”

− Jason, Brisbane, QLD 4000

“Since I started drinking this tea, my skin is clearer than ever, my energy levels have increased and I really enjoy the quality of the tea.”

− Sarah, Sydney, NSW 2000

“I feel better, and I’m much more healthier than before! I’m wearing size 10 used to be size 16, highly recommended you try it!

− Vicky, Melbourne, VIC 3000
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